Reason #1: We didn’t pick our name by accident.

Premier means Premier service. A regular travel agent books your travel just like you would yourself. With the same amount of research, the same amount of planning - or, most of the time, a lot less. They even use a lot of the same tools you might use yourself. And then they charge you for it.

We always thought that was odd.

We founded our business around the idea that truly serving your travel needs was something a little different. It’s why we get to know the managers in the hotels we book you in, why we spend our time learning about the places you are going, why we have one simple focus - to make things easier and better for you.

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time your travel agent gave you an option in your travel plans that wasn’t just based on dates and price?

Call us crazy but we kind of think that’s the point.

Reason #2 For us, its all about you.

And it all begins with the way we work together.  We make it our business to know your business.  Over time we get to know every detail of what you like and how and why you like it.

Our clients have seen this will make a difference in all sorts of ways but mostly in the things that really matter. Like we said, for us it’s always been all about you. 

Reason #3: Let’s talk about surprises.

In the travel business there are two kinds of surprises and chances are you’ve seen both.  One of them is great, awesome, incredible…the other one, not so much.  Fortunately we pride ourselves at being experts in both.

The “not so much” kind are those surprises which crop up in the travel business from time to time.  With things as complicated as they are out there it’s inevitable.  Your plans might change, your airline’s plans might change, the hotel might suddenly oversell itself or all manner of stuff might just happen.  It goes without saying we are there for you, more than that we understand this is just a part of our business from time to time. Some days our job is all about dealing with curve balls like this - rest assured we've got it.

It’s the other kind of surprise you might not expect.  The kind of surprise you get when something on the trip surpasses your expectations.  We love finding these surprises for you, putting you in places that go above and beyond, just like we try to do.